Vacuum Forming: For Cost-effective Heavy-Gauge Plastic Parts & Products

Vacuum Forming

Specializing in Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is simpler and even more economical than pressure forming for producing plastic parts and products. We heat a sheet of plastic, drape it over a mold and extract the air from between the plastic and the mold. That’s it. Unlike pressure forming, no pressure is added to bring definition to design details.

Vacuum Forming for Today’s Industry Leaders

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Vacuum Forming with CW Thomas for your next project and take advantage of:

The Lowest-Cost Tooling

Tooling costs for vacuum forming are substantially lower than those for injection molding, and also lower than tooling for pressure forming. So, if you don’t need refined details, such as sharp edges and embossed logos, and, you only require short (from 250 pieces/year) to medium runs (up to 5,000 pieces/ year), vacuum forming is a good choice. It’s perfect for prototyping, market trials and short life-cycle products. And, since you can produce several small parts from one tool, you’ll save even more on a multi- part assembly.

The Quickest Project Turnaround

When compared to injection molding and pressure forming, vacuum forming offers the quickest turnaround time. It enables you to meet the tight deadlines required in competitive, ever-changing markets.

Vacuum Forming With CW

Design Advice Results in Better, Less Costly Products

Avoid costly mistakes and take advantage of our design services: we’ll review your design and advise you on how to make it easier and less costly to manufacture. Perhaps we can help you cut assembly costs by changing two pieces into one. Or, maybe we can make your powder-coated or painted sheet-metal enclosure more durable by using high-impact plastic instead. You’ll not only say goodbye to dents and scratches, you’ll also save on production time. Whatever the challenge, we’ll put on our creative thinking caps to generate creative solutions to optimize your product.

In-House Tooling

Streamlined Production with In-House Tooling

Expedite your project with our seamless in-house tooling capabilities, which reduces lead times and ensures precision in each part produced. With all operations under one roof, you enjoy a quick transition from concept to production. This approach also offers you the flexibility to adapt to changes, ensuring the exact parts needed arrive promptly, keeping your project moving forward on schedule.

Comprehensive Turnkey Approach

With a turnkey approach that covers everything from manufacturability assistance to component assembly and finishing, you receive a complete solution. You can optimize your designs for efficient production, resulting in precision components that meet your exact requirements. Moreover, the integrated assembly and finishing services mean your product is market-ready, reducing the need for additional suppliers or services.

Expert Project Management for On-Budget & On-Time Delivery

Stay within your project’s financial constraints and timelines with effective project management and dedicated customer service. These services keep you updated with real-time project progress and proactively address potential issues to ensure smooth execution. This meticulous approach helps reduce downtime, maintain project timelines, and ensure budget adherence, enabling a hassle-free production experience.

Assured Quality with High Tolerances and Certifications

Experience peace of mind knowing that each part produced meets high tolerance levels, ensuring flawless functionality and fit. The production process, aligned with the ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100 D certified Quality Management System, assures you of adherence to international quality standards. With rigorous checks and tests throughout the production journey, you receive products of the highest quality that meet your exact specifications.

Enjoy a partnership that is dedicated to your project’s success. From swift in-house tooling to comprehensive services, and from expert project management to stringent quality assurance, you can expect a seamless, efficient, and satisfying journey toward realizing your vision.