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Over our 70 years of business, we’ve perfected the art of precision engineering and developed a custom plastic thermoforming process that’s unrivaled. The deep experience of our engineering team lets us support our customers through every step of the process – from initial part design to the production line. So you can depend on your products being right, in spec and ready to go.

In addition to custom plastic thermoforming, our services include:

In addition to producing tooling in-house, our engineering staff explores opportunities for product enhancements and improvements that can help minimize costs throughout the manufacturing process. We utilize software packages such as Solidworks, Surfcam, IGS and more throughout the custom plastic thermoforming process. Our experienced design team monitors the tooling construction to ensure product success. Our in-house tooling advantage gives you:

  • Precise prototypes and production tools
  • Quick tooling turnaround
  • In-House ECN Control
  • First article inspection to ensure that the parts meet the – design criteria
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
CWT Tooling Center
CWThomas QC6268
CWThomas Tooling 6282

Once the thermoforming process is complete, all parts are machined. Our facility features 5 axis CNC routers that handle the trimming process, including the creation of cutouts and holes. From this point, the parts move through our assembly process that includes:

  • Adding Inserts
  • Bosses
  • Gasketing
  • Painting
  • Graphic Printing

Typically, this will involve forming more than one part and combining into a component. Our team facility is capable of building out and getting it ready for shipping.

CWThomas Assembly 6398
CWThomas Studio Feb 17 76501
CWThomas Studio Feb 17 76519
CWThomas Assembly 6392

CW Thomas proudly provides short-run prototyping for customers who have a component idea or part design that they want to create. The prototype part will help the customer validate component fit, form, and function in their development stage. We can take your design from idea to prototype in just a matter of weeks. With CW Thomas prototyping, you don’t have to make a large investment in production.

Nxstage Tray
CWThomas Studio Feb 17 76528
CWThomas Studio Feb 17 76547

CW Thomas works closely with customers and the product design to offer suggestions for manufacturability of the product. This process saves time, money and potential tooling requirements while ensuring that specifications are maintained. Once the final design and materials are approved, the project will move to the Prototype stage. Here, a prototype tool will be produced to provide a small production run. Quality checks are performed on the prototype parts by an inspection team who measures dimensions, part appearance and other specification requirements. From this point, the prototype part will be sent to the customer for a “form & fit” inspection and then an approval is provided to complete the process. Quality is a part of our company’s culture and purpose, and that’s backed by our Quality Management System’s ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100:2016 certifications. Our staff is highly trained to look for manufacturing issues to ensure the highest level of quality. Employees are re-certified every three years on procedures, standards and requirements for process control.

CWThomas QC6264
CWThomas QC6246
Faro Arm 2

By partnering with our customers at the initial design phase, we’re able to offer our expertise in traditional vacuum forming and advanced pressure forming techniques. We work with customer designs in Solid Works and other 2D and 3D software to develop the optimum tool and CNC trim fixture design for manufacturability.

IMG 00031 E1560354493270
Molded Part PG 11
Semi Completed Part PG 11
Completed Part PG 11 E1487095333367

CW Thomas features multiple assembly functions to compliment the part production process. From applications such as assembling electronics into plastic assemblies to other value added assemblies where parts are formed then combined with additional parts to create a component. Within the assembly process, the CW Thomas Team is able to provide packaging solutions where parts are shipped in the customer’s packaging and pallets. Custom assembly fixtures are developed to ensure accurate repeat placement of added components. Assembly services include:

  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Painting
  • Printing
  • Mechanical Assembly via gluing and riveting
  • Bonded Mounting Blocks and Bosses
  • Threaded Inserts Painting
  • RFI Shielding
  • Silk-screening and Labels
20161024 132117562 IOS E1487095852488
Glue Operation Assembly PG 12
CWThomas Assembly 6399
Ultrasonic Welder Assembly PG 12 E1487095890536

CW Thomas can produce product ready to go to the consumer. Parts are manufactured, assembled, finished, inspected and put directly into the customer packaging. Other items may be included in the final packaging such as:

  • Bar codes
  • Instruction sheets
  • Other parts

We’re able to work with any packaging company and can manage the logistics from production to fulfillment so the final packaged products can go directly into the customer’s finished goods inventory.

Dock To Stock Inventory Img Retouched

CW Thomas can provide paint parts with our local network of finishing suppliers from aesthetic top coat to RFI/EMI shielding.

Custom Art and PrintingCW Thomas has a reliable group of local painters who specialize in the finishing of plastic parts. All are certified to meet our quality standards. From custom painting and texturing, to specialized art by screen printing, or pad stamping. We can also deliver parts that have been RFI/EMI shielded.


Value-added Services Including Problem Solving, Assembly, Packaging, Just in Time Delivery & Kitting.

Below are examples of some of the time and cost saving services provided to our customers:

  • Part Assembly
  • Painting
  • Part printing and labeling
  • Just in Time Manufacturing
  • Packaging – Dock to Stock Programs
  • Kanban systems
  • Kitting
  • Regulatory Compliance

OEM Manufacturers need vendors who proactively provide solutions and process optimization to eliminate all possible waste and improve profitability. CW Thomas offers many value-added services that help our customers reduce lead time, save money, and improve profits. With in-house tool manufacturing services including the tool design and part optimization along with trim fixture and pattern making all done in collaboration with you. Thermoformed part molding and trimming along with a full turnkey process of valued added services, CW Thomas offers a wide range of custom solutions geared to the specific needs of our customers.

Value-added services begin before production and end after product delivery. At CW Thomas, we are always looking for ways to save our customers time and money. We were able to help a major aircraft seat manufacturer save money and time by producing a fully assembled literature seat pocket.

You can learn more about CW Thomas’s value-added services by requesting more information or by touring our plant, Contact us today to see how we can improve your bottom line by becoming your manufacturing partner.

We are confident of adding value to your bottom line.

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Value Added Services
Our robust range of services – and our ability to understand every need, spec and requirement is what makes us a true leader in thermoforming.

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