Pressure Forming: Enhancing Aesthetics and Affordability in Heavy-Gauge Plastics

Pressure Forming

Delivering High-Quality Plastic Parts

Pressure forming is a revolutionary technique that breathes life into your design ideas, delivering high-quality plastic parts that excel in both functionality and aesthetics. At, we shed light on the intricacies of pressure forming, discussing when it’s most beneficial, its advantages, and the design guidance we provide to ensure optimal outcomes for your project.


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Expedited Projects with In-House Tooling

Benefit from reduced lead times with our in-house tooling capabilities, ensuring your project is expedited without compromising on precision. Get the exact parts you need, exactly when you need them, enabling your project to stay on track.

Comprehensive Solutions with Turnkey Approach

Experience the convenience of our turnkey approach, offering everything from manufacturability assistance to the delivery of precision components, complete with assembly and finishing. Streamline your production process with this all-inclusive solution.

Project Management for On-Budget & On-Time Delivery

Keep your project within budget and meet your deadlines effortlessly with our expert project management and dedicated customer service. Enjoy a smoother, more efficient production process with minimized downtime and maximized productivity.

Assured Quality with Certified Quality Management

Rest assured of the quality of your components. Our high tolerances and Quality Management System, certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100 D, guarantee a production process that adheres to international quality assurance standards. Trust in our stringent quality checks and tests, ensuring you receive parts that meet your exact specifications.


Improving Products, Processes, and Price with Design Guidance

At, we provide comprehensive design guidance, reviewing your designs and offering suggestions on how to optimize manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs. This could involve transforming two pieces into one, or recommending snap-together designs instead of gluing, thus reducing assembly costs. If your product includes powder-coated or painted sheet metal, we could suggest transitioning to high-impact plastic that resists dents and scratches and is quicker to produce. Our out-of-the-box solutions aim to optimize your product design and manufacturing process for the best possible outcome.

Pressure Forming Services for Your Industry

Pressure Forming Services for Your Industry

CW Thomas has partnered with 1000s of clients to deliver quality pressure formed parts, components and subsystems.

  • Medical Equipment: From surgical device housings to components for diagnostic machinery, pressure forming’s precision and quality finish make it suitable for medical equipment manufacturing.
  • Consumer Electronics: Products like TV surrounds, computer housings, and other electronic device enclosures can be created with pressure forming, benefiting from its capacity for detailed design reproduction.
  • Food Packaging: The technique can be used to create food-grade containers and packaging, which require precise shapes and high-quality finishes.
  • Aerospace Components: Pressure forming is employed in the production of non-structural parts like seat components, overhead bins, and tray tables, offering lightweight yet durable solutions.

Pressure forming provides an optimal combination of design flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and production speed. It allows for the creation of customized, high-quality parts suitable for a variety of applications, meeting diverse industry needs.

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