Design As An ArtFORM

At CW Thomas, we believe ingenuity leads to award-winning, elegant solutions. Our team strives to create the best pressure forming and thermoforming products with practical applications. This was the case with the inner liner of a video bezel. A previous contractor created the part as four pieces. Our engineers are tooling design experts and out-of-the-box thinkers, and this four-part design solution was unacceptable to us. We recognized that the part would be more durable with single piece construction. Our new pressure-forming tool reduced overall manufacturing cost. Without the use of glue and one part, we also reduce risk and assembly time with our industry leading thermoforming products, plastics, and sheets. In collaboration with DuPont engineers, we developed manufacturing equipment for a one-piece solution that was within spec and on time at a fair and reasonable price. Proudly, we even won a DuPont Award. If you are ready to partner with a company known for its ingenuity and integrity, call our team today. We are eager to help you learn more about how our pressure forming and thermoforming products can help your business!